The Design Process

  • 1. Initial Consultation

    1. Initial Consultation

    The design process starts with an initial consultation, either in person, on the phone or by email, where we discuss your ideas, requirements and budget.
    It can be helpful to bring along any photos or images that you find inspiring. We can look at gemstones, diamonds and take a finger size if it’s a ring.
    We will then develop a design and Edwin will draw up some sketches if required.

  • 2. Sourcing the stones

    2. Sourcing the stones

    After agreeing your design, Edwin will source any stones or diamonds.
    At this stage you will be given a fixed price or a maximum cost depending on the design.
    When you are happy with the design and stones you will be asked to pay a deposit of approximately 50% or the cost of the stones (whichever is highest).

  • 3. Wax model

    3. Wax model

    If the production method allows, you can view a wax model of your design.
    If it’s a fitting ring Edwin will need your existing ring to mould the wax using his own method that exactly fits your existing ring.
    The wax model will help you visualise the finished piece.
    This process is quite organic and the design often evolves at this point and it’s usually still possible to make changes to the design.

  • 4. Crafting the piece

    4. Crafting the piece

    Your design will be lovingly handcrafted, set, polished and hallmarked.
    Some designs require a second fitting before the stones are set, and Edwin will contact you to find a mutually convenient time.